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Football Coaching - 201

Welcome to THE START of your FOOTBALL COACHING Journey.

*Please note...*
This program is only MEANT for FUTBOL/FOOTBALL COACHES.

For this course you will work 1-on-1 with an instructor in these areas:

  1. A discovery meeting. (30min)

    - This will be a chance for the instructor to get to know YOU & provide a step-by-step breakdown of what is expected through the program.

  2. Digital Learning profile walk-through, set-up & assistance. (1hr 30min)

    - Here, we dive straight into your coursework.

  3. The Football Content & The Resource Identification Process for Youth Football. (1hr 30min)

    - Alright... so your team is getting exposed in 1 or 2 areas of their game & you need to find a few simple training solutions to fix this, no worries, this session focuses on all this & a lot more.

  4. Team & Playing staff. (1hr)

    - A team can only be a successful unit if each & every member plays their part... We will think through a few ideas on how to set up your team for the best

  5. Closing meeting. (30min)

    - Welcome to the end of the course. We'll take a look back at everything you've learnt & like all our courses, you will receive a completion certificate..!!

This program will be run for a total of 6 hours split into 5 sessions.

**This program will be fully online**


Intl. PRICE: 45 USD

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